Stage II: Sidedata parsing

The next step is to parse the sidedata. The sidedata has the parameters that are needed to decode the main data that is to follow. Since I don’t have the ISO doc, this is where things get dicey. I have the source of a couple open source mp3 decoders and some random docs on mp3s, but I can’t really vouch for the correctness.

If the protection bit was set in the header, there is a 16 bit CRC word before the start of the sidedata.

pseudo code of sidedata format (primarily based fraunhofer ref source):

main_data_begin = getbits(9)

if  mono
    private_bits = getbits(5)
    private_bits = getbits(3)

for ch from 0 upto num_channels
    for i from 0 upto 4
        scfsi[ch][i] = getbits(1)

for gr from 0 upto 2
     for ch from upto num_channels
          part2_3_length[ch][gr] = getbits(12)
          big_values[ch][gr] = getbits(9)
          global_gain[ch][gr] = getbits(8)
          scalefac_compress[ch][gr] = getbits(4)
          window_switching_flag[ch][gr] = getbits(1)
          if window_switching_flag[ch][gr]
              block_type[ch][gr] = getbits(2)
              mixed_block_flag[ch][gr] = getbits(1)
              for i from 0 upto 2
                   table_select[ch][gr][i] = getbits(5)
              for i from 0 upto 3
                   subblock_gain[ch][gr][i] = getbits(3)
              if block_type[ch][gr] == 2 and mixed_block_flag[ch][gr] == 0
                  region0_count[ch][gr] = 8
                  region0_count[ch][gr] = 7
              region1_count[ch][gr] = 20 - region0_count[ch][gr]
               for i from 0 upto 3
                   table_select[ch][gr][i] = getbits(5)
               region0_count[ch][gr] = getbits(4)
               region1_count[ch][gr] = getbits(3)
               block_type[ch][gr] = 0
          preflag[ch][gr] = getbits(1)
          scalefac_scale[ch][gr] = getbits(1)
          count1table_select[ch][gr] = getbits(1)

gr = granule. Each frame has 2 granules each with 18*32 subband samples
main_data_end = negative offset in bytes from next frames header to the end of main data
private_bits = standard has no meaning for these.
scfsi= scale factor selection info. ‘0’ means there are scalefactors for each granule, ‘1’ means one set of scalefactors
part2_3_length=number of bits used for scalefactors and huffman data
big_values= size of big value section
global_gain=quantize step size.
scalefac_compress = used to lookup number of bits in scalefactors
window_switching_flag = true means a block other than normal(0) is used
block_type = used to select window type (len and style)
mixed_block_flag= true if different windows for high and low freq bands
table_select = which huffman table to use.
subblock_gain=offset from global gain for each short block
region0_count = number of scalefactors in region 0 minus one
region1_count = number of scalefactors in region 1 minus one
preflag = if set, a table of values are added to the scalefactors
scalefac_scale = chooses step size of scalefactor quantizer
count1table_select =huffman table selection for “ones” region

Later today I’m going to post python code that decodes the sidedata and also descriptions of each of the values parsed.

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